Info Sheet:

Sheepo is a quirky pacifistic metroidvania, where you can shape-shift into any of the creatures you cross.


It’s Sheepo’s first day on the job at an intergalactic species database. His first task? To visit an uncharted planet and save all its living creatures from extinction!  It might seem like a lot of work for a single day, but thankfully a day on Planet Cebron lasts 8000 earth days.

Specifically, Sheepo is tasked to collect one unhatched egg from every creature on the planet. With each egg Sheepo collects, you gain the ability to shape-shift into that creature on contact and explore the deeper reaches of the planets sprawling environment.

Sheepo Features:

  • Platforming with variety
    Learn the ins and outs of controlling not only Sheepo, but also the five other playable creatures you can seek out and collect, each with different controls and movement options. T
    ransform into a LongBird to fly and reach high places. Or transform into a SpineWorm to dig through secret underground tunnels. Gameplay stays fresh as you constantly have new creature controls to learn and master.

  • Pacifistic gameplay
    While Sheepo is a metroidvania, it contains no standard combat. Sheepo comes in peace, and aims only to help the creatures he comes across. Instead, gameplay is based on platforming, and exploration.

  • A sprawling interconnected world
    Build your own path, and explore at your own pace. The world in Sheepo is open and interconnected. Explore lush forests, glowing caves, an abandoned mall, and old shrines.

  • Meet the locals
    Chat with some of the strange creatures you come across.  Learn their history, or complete small tasks in exchange for feathers (Planet Cebron’s currency).  Most locals are friendly, but beware- each species “queen” will protect their eggs at all costs!
  • Boss battles
    In order to collect a new creature, you’ll first have to get past that species “queen.”  Without being able to directly attack,  Sheepo will have to duck and dodge the varied attacks from the games 7 distinct boss battles.




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Creator, Programming, Art, etc: Kyle Thompson
Music: Eric Thompson

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